this is the first hd-dv can shoot high definition video.taking high-quality photos. recording high-quality audio.supporting micro sd (TF) card. with simple operation. elegant design. small size. it is easy to carry. it is an essential utility in business. education. security. media. justice tourism. health care. living and other field..

user manual for spy sunglasses camera red light is  video mode

user manual for spy sunglasses camera blue light is a photo mode

on/off button description

press the button to turn on the device. then the blue light is on. the device begin initializing. after initialization. the blue light is off. the red light is on. the device enters into the video recording mode. press the button on/off to start the video recording .the red light flashes slowly. pressing the button again to stop recording and save the file.(mode change. you can change the mode between video recording. photograph. audio recording by press the mode button)

user manual for spy sunglasses camera press the button on/off for 2 seconds. all light will be turned off. the device will automatically shutdown..

video format.               avi

video encoding.          m-jpeg

video resolution.          720*480

media playing

software.                attached software of the operating system or mainstream audio and video media

playing software. recommend kmplayer

picture format.             jpg

picture pixels.            1600*1200

supporting system.        windows me/2000/xp/vista. mac os 10.4 (uncertainty. depends on the computer

model) linux

battery type.             high-capacity lithium polymer

charge pressure.        dc-5v